Marilène Bastien

Marilène Bastien works as a set and costume designer for theater, circus and dance. She has collaborated and continues to work with many renowned choreographers including Louise Bédard, Virginie Brunelle, Hélène Langevin, Alan Lake, Ginette Laurin, Ismaël Mouaraki, Anne Plamondon, Jacques Poulin-Denis and Manuel Roque. Marilène also designed the costumes for many circus shows, including two productions by Le Cirque du Soleil (Le monde est fou and Tout écartillé, dir. Jean-Guy Legault) along with the latest creation from Cirque Éloize (Serge Fiori Seul Ensemble, dir. Benoit Landry). On stage, she has created in partnership with directors such as Michel-Maxime Legault (Les inventions à deux voix by Sébastien Harrisson, Ce que nous avons fait by Pascal Brullemans), Catherine Vidal (Je disparais by Arne Lygre), Nini Bélanger (Petite Sorcière by Pascal Brullemans) and Kristian Frédric (Camille along with La vraie vie de Gennaro Costagiola by François Douan and Jazz by Koffi Kwahulé). In spring 2018, she created costumes for the opera Fando et Lis (music by Benoît Muet based on Fernando Arrabal’s work, booklet and dir. Kristian Frédric, Opera of St-Étienne, France).

In 2015, Marilène was named as the protégé of Annick La Bissonnière, winner of the prestigious Siminovitch Prize.