Thibaut Duverneix (Gentilhomme)


Since 2008, Thibaut has been specializing as a director-designer – film and interactive content. His personal and advertisement work has been published and has won many awards internationally. In 2012, he was named amongst the “Young Guns” by the Art Director’s Club of New York, who put him amongst the world’s best 37 creatives under 30.

In 2013, he launched his own studio – Gentilhommein order to work in complete autonomy. He put in place a production system for vertical integration of cultural and entertainment works.

Combining his experience in music, photography, programming, animation and film, Thibaut truly is an interdisciplinary artist.

Thibaut is an aggressive perfectionist with a big – although selective – heart. The universe portrayed in his work is funny, monstrous and sensual.

After creating shows and interactive installations for Moment Factory, Nine Inch Nails, Madonna, Elton John, Usher, Qualcomm, Cirque du Soleil, Place des Arts, Microsoft, Emporium District in Bangkok and Singapore Airport, Thibaut is able to create, manage and produce projects of all scales, from design to integration, anywhere in the world.

Gentilhomme, Thibaut Duverneix’s studio, brings together designers, programmers, producers, visual effect artists and musicians. Our playful, custom-made and interdisciplinary approach allows us to create films, interactive experiences and shows that bring people together and inspire the imagination.